26-27th July 2024

Alborosie & Shengen Clan

Born in Sicily, Italy, Alborosie made the move to Jamaica in 2001 and has remained there since. In 2006, Alborosie had his breakthrough with his debut solo album Soul Pirate that contained hits like Kingston Town and Rastafari Anthem. He quickly established himself as a headline act across festivals all over the world. In 2008, […]

Inner Circle

Also known as The Bad Boys of Reggae, Inner Circle are one of the most accomplished reggae bands formed in 1968 in Kingston, Jamaica. They gained global recognition in 1986 when the release their hot songs Sweat (A La La La La Long) and Bad Boys, the latter has served as the long running American […]

Lila Iké

One of the most exciting talents to come in recent years, Lila Iké has established herself on the musical scene as a versatile artist that can fuse Reggae and Dancehall in a unique way. She gained recognition in 2017 with her singles Gotti Gotti and Biggest Fan and embarked on her first European solo tour […]

Duane Stephenson & First Light

This songbird from August Town, Jamaica has one of the most distinct and beautiful voices in Jamaica. Getting his start with the group To Isis, Duane Stephenson embarked on his solo career in the mid-2000s and released his now classic album From August Town in 2007. The album quickly made him an international hit and […]

Admiral Tibet

admiral tibet

Admiral Tibet, also known as ”Mr. Reality” is a legendary Jamaican Dancehall singer known for his ”cultural & conscious” lyrics. Tibet was one of the few artists from the early days of digital reggae to focus on ”conscious” themes in his lyrics. He has been described as ”the most consistently conscious singer of his age”. […]

Silly Walks Discotheque

Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1991 by Joscha and Oliver, they have established themselves as one of the most popular soundsystems globally with productions that have produced megahits like Chronixx – Smile Jamaica and Romain Virgo – Soul Provider to name a couple. They regularly feature at the biggest festivals in Europe and on Saturday […]

Natural Way

Uppsala’s very own homegrown roots reggae band, Natural Way is one of the first and most popular Swedish reggae bands that have graced the stage at Uppsala Reggae Festival so many times that the cannot go too many years without a performance from this beloved group without feeling incomplete. On Saturday 29-July, we have the […]

Million vibes

A classic Swedish sound system celebrating their 25th anniverasy.

Angelica Mava

Swedish songstress, music producer and songwriter Angelica Mava unlocks a world that intuitively reminds you of a familiar pop-girl aura, until you press play and find that the musical backbone consists of reggae music. Politics, love and self-experienced stories are a few topics Angelica sings about, either with a twinkle in her eye or on the verge […]

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